Activity/event plans

Oakland East Bay Korean American Association’s activity/event plans.

“Oakland East Bay Korean American Association’s activity/event plans.”

  1. Voter registration and voter participation movement
  2. We will help those Korean residents who have difficulty in understanding English acquire US citizenships, by helping them fill out the application forms and operating citizenship test classes and providing interpretation services for interviews.
  3. Services on health insurance and social security benefits.
  4. More interactions between the first immigrant generation and the 1.5 generation.
  5. Efforts to promote Korean culture.
  6. Youth anti-drug program and youth leadership program
  7. Application of various grants
  8. Publicity and marketing to encourage local Korean residents to actively participate in the Korean association’s activities
  9. Active efforts to resolve issues arising out of cultural differences by, e.g., helping Korean local governments establish friendly city relations with the local government in Northern California.
  10. Efforts to solve Korean immigrants’ other problems