Greeting From The President

Greeting From The President

Inaugural Address


I am Jinhee Lee, and I am going to serve as the 3rd President of the East Bay Korean-American Association.

Respected Northern California compatriots!

I am very pleased to greet you at this significant occasion of today’s inauguration ceremony.

In addition, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Consul General Yoon Sang Soo, and guests from home and abroad during a busy schedule.

Also, I would like to thank the former President Joseph Jung, the former Board Chair Kyung Hwan Kim, the advisor Keun-Bae Yoo, and the Board Directors, so that I can serve with responsibility.

In the meantime, the inauguration ceremony has been deployed due to the pandemic situation, but since last January, we have held the Opening Ceremony for the year 2022, the filial Feast at the full moon, and joint commemoration ceremony for the 3.1 anniversary of the Independence Movement. 

As stated at the founding ceremony of the Oakland & East Bay Korean American Association, I will resolve complaints, raise the status of compatriots, and serve for the rights and interests of compatriots, and as I will communicate and cooperate with other local organizations to find the role expected of the compatriot society, as we enter a new era.

We will strive to advance and develop step by step rather than the outdated Korean American Association:
KONO cultural Festival, golf tournament to raise operating funds, cultural center preparation gala show, and next-generation leadership forum As well as my experiences in on other organizations that have nurtured the power of passion. 

When I first started volunteering in the Korean Community, my purpose was to instill an identity and pride as a Korean in the next generation just like to my children. 

I want to lay the foundation rock for those who will make history even after the first generation of immigrants disappear. 

 Volunteers!  please remember that your spare time for these activities is filling a part of history.  And I hope that we can work together for the development and status of the Korean Community.

I will also do my best to fill the Korean Society with the energy of happiness called “together” with the attitude of serving and the spirit of Mr. Ahn chang-Ho. 

When we are “together”, we can achieve it and see our bright future.  Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who worked hard for today’s event.

Thank you.